Opal hotels
Opal hotels


We are a Group that unites a tradition of succesfull business as well as world wide experience and our goal is to actively take a role in improving market in B&H, from high standard services to following trends in our area of expertise.
Through wide pallet of products and services, we provide our clients with sense of security and pleasure based on long-term trust. Our main priority is to provide our clients and business partners best quality of our services as well as to continuously develop and modernize our business and to expand the business area of every part of Opal Group. Our clear vision is to have Group members leaders in their areas with real market participation on stable basis.

We consider that maintaining stable business will provide us with financial stability as well as enable us to continue with rapid and correct advancing and establishing European business standards in our areas. To achieve our goals, all Opal Group members try to expand their areas in tourism, transportation, commerce, production and export of PET packing and to encompass our areas in order to fulfill demands of our clients, business partners while remaining socially responsible company.

Our company logo is “proudly building better future” and at the same time it is present condition statement. An evidence to prove point that trust, just like any other preciousness is hard to gain but easy to loose. We put effort every day to improve our client business through rule that their success is our Group’s success.

We tend to provide well balanced local market distribution and to expand business in Una-Sana Canton as well as rest of the Bosnia and Herzegovina.