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The River Una day!

For the 7th year in a row, “Unski Smaragdi” organization and National Park "Una", organize a manifestation for the May 17th - The River Una day. This year celebration, that took place in Eco Village "Natura Art" in Lohovo, has gathered volunteers from “Unski Smaragdi”, children from Kulen Vakuf - Orašac elementary school, members of Red Cross Bihać and many public figures from Bihać.
The Chairman of Bihać city council, Davor Župa was also present and he congratulated “Unski Smaragdi” and employees of NP “Una” for their day but also he reminded us to remember Boško Marjanović, the founder of “Unski Smaragdi” organization who was a true example of how you should fight to preserve river Una.

"City council will always support any activity that has goal to protect our river Una. That includes the initiative to proclaim the Nature park whole river part from NP Una, towards Bihać and through the canyon towards Bosanska Krupa. Any activity that has result to protect river Una and tourism growth for city Bihać is very important and to support that is near end of the Waste Water system for the waste and drain water which will make river Una even more clean" - stated Davor Župa

Mejasa Dupanović, the president of “Unski Smaragdi” and Amarildo Mulić, director of NP "Una" stated that citizens of Bihać have shown common interest when it comes to preservation of river Una and have sent clear message that opposes any building of Water Power Plants on Una or its subsidiary rivers.

"River Una is not just the natural beauty of Bihać, Una-Sana canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is European and world's attraction that in all its length, giving lives to cities and places that it flows through and that is why it, by any mean, presents "LIFE" for us" - stated Amarildo Mulić.

After the ceremony, they have had an "Eco lesson" about the river and then they had traditional celebration of all participants.